blue skies

Last British Dragon Production

Blue Skies

Film Details

Blue Skies 



Running Time 9 Minutes

An American fracking company accidentally releases a new deadly virus CO2X from the earths core, killing most of humanity. The rest are left to a new evil future.

Created for the London Sci-Fi 48 Hour Film Challenge.


Shane Green… Max 
Lorraine Gray… Mary 
Liam Ponder… Jordan 
Verity Spinks… Laura 
Harvey Pearmain… White Out Boy 
Benjamin David… Black Out Boy 
Matthew Jay France… Michael (Voice) 
Isabella Taylor… Co2x Girl 
Oliver Pearce… Escape Test Subject  
Isaac Melamud, Ella Manley, Rebecca Melamud, Charlie Morel, 
Rosie Stannard, Travis Martin, Lucy Ann Pearmain… Mutants

Written, Produced & Directed by James Crow 
Assistant Producers: Lorraine Gray and Kerrie Thompson 
Cinematography by James Crow, Mark Castro and Max Philo 
Editing by James Crow and Robert Lindsay  
Music by Jacob Bride and Jamie Scott Godfrey